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28-10-2016 3:14
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,6.Have incoming telephone calls screened and schedule call-back times each day.Return calls when it\'s convenient for you, not the caller.Choose two 30-minute time periods to return calls each day, one period in the morning, the other in the late afternoon.The grouping of your return calls will reduce the number of interruptions you experience dramatically.7.Schedule time with your people.I know this may be difficult but try leaving your cell phone in the office when you travel with your salespeople.8.Don\'t be the \"Shell Answerman\" Remember that television ad many years ago where people would ask the Shell Answerman any question about their car and receive an immediate answer? That may have worked well as a commercial for an oil company, but it doesn\'t work well as a successful management strategy.

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,And, in the beginning, like most startups, she did everything herself.To expand the business she started exhibiting at the Atlanta Gift Show, and started using sales reps to widen her reach.Now, some 2000 stores carry Pouchees in the US and abroad.\"My biggest challenge has been in knowing how to regulate my inventory.Our business has grown 45% a year-- even in the last year\'s economy.I don\'t know how you plan for that.I remember looking at my inventory one August and my shelves were stocked to the ceiling.I thought, \'How will I ever sell all of these.\' And September came along and our sales were 107% over the previous year\'s sales.

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,After the flat is off the ground, remove the lug nuts by hand, and pull the wheel and tire away from the car.Find the culprit: Sometimes it\'s very obvious why the tire deflated.You may see the head of a nail, screw, or some other metal object lodged in the tread.If so, circle it with anything that will mark it so that you can easily spot its location later.Tips for finding small holes: You might be able to hear air escaping through holes in the tires.Sometimes, however, it\'s not that easy.Here\'s a trick to help you spot small holes in the car tire.Make a soapy solution in a large bowl.Inflate the tire as best you can.

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,Before setting up the business, a bar owner has to carefully plan and look into the different aspects of a bar.If you are intending to set up a bar of your own, understand that it is quite a challenging process.Determine what type of bar you intend to put up.There are lots of bar types that you can consider.There are sports bar, specialty themed bars, entertainment bars, and karaoke bars, to name a few.But remember, choose a type of bar that suits your personality and which you think you can maintain.Don\'t just choose a bar based on the trend.Scout for a location.The location should particularly suit the type of bar you wish to start.

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,You can even go as far as only taking client calls at certain times throughout the day, instead of answering the phone every time it rings.Have someone answer the phone, or simply set up your voice mail to explain what time you pick up messages and when the caller can expect a return call.It is commonly said that the title of a book is half of the information about the book, and it is really true in the case of naming a new company.For a businessman, deciding name for the business is like naming a new born baby.Name leaves a great impact on others and it reflects the intensity of the business.

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