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To provide a home space for the creative expressions of Filipinos in the diaspora.

We believe there is a growing breed of Filipino who is a foreigner in his old home, an alien in his new land: straddling two cultures without belonging to either one or who may be trying to belong to either one.

  • works that reflect Filipino insights and experiences in the diaspora;
  • a foreigner's experience of the Filipino culture;
  • reviews of works authored by Filipinos or articles & commentaries pertaining to the Filipino abroad;
  • unpublished stories, poetry and essays by Filipinos written in English or Tagalog;
  • "Wanting to go to America" genre; essays pertaining to the writing life;
  • dramatic pieces describing the struggle of Filipinos overseas.
  • We are also interested in works by those who have grown up influenced strongly by other cultures, but who intentionally own their Filipino heritage.
  • Short story up to 5,000 words
  • 5 poems for a single submission, not more than 50 lines per poem
  • Essays, book reviews and critiques up to 5,000 words
  • Excerpts from dramatic pieces or plays limited to 3,000-5,000 words

For works that significantly exceed these word count parameters, please query the editor. We will not outright reject a piece because it is too long.

Send to our.own.voice@gmail.com. Authors will be notified of the status of their submission by e-mail.

Issues will appear quarterly. However if the work is submitted past an issue's deadline, it will be rolled forward for consideration for a future issue.

The Staff

remé-antonia grefaldaEditor
Remé-Antonia Grefalda

Remé, since 2008, has come out of retirement and plunged back into the world of books. She enjoys curating a collection at the Library of Congress and has joined the Board of the Asian American Literary Review. .

An article about Reme's work at the Asian Reading Room of the U.S. Library of Congress can be found here.


aileen ibardalozaAssociate Editor
Aileen Ibardaloza-Cassinetto

Aileen's works have appeared or are forthcoming in Moria Poetry, Fellowship, Manorborn, Galatea Resurrects and the anthology Hanggang sa Muli: Homecoming Stories for the Filipino Soul.  TRAJE DE BODA, her first poetry collection, was published by Meritage Press in 2010.

Art Director and Web Designer
Geej Langlois a.k.a. Geejay Arriola

geejay arriolaGeej has been in arts and culture work since 1988. She is a peace worker, popular educator, theatre artist, songwriter-musician, cultural researcher, writer, publicist and web designer. As theater and music artist, Geejay has traveled widely across the Philippines, Asia and Europe performing, conducting workshops, and delivering talks on Mindanao and Philippines arts and culture. As a web denizen, Geejay was finalist in the 2000 Philippine Webawards, judge in 2001, and semi-finalist in 2003.

Kathleen BurkhalterFacebook Editor
Kathleen Joaquin Burkhalter

Kathleen lives in New Bedford Massachusetts with her husband, Bud Bell, and their six wonderful children. A veteran home schooler and blogger, she will graduate in May 2012 with a masters in journalism from Harvard. She was born in Georgia and raised in the Philippines, with sojourns at Clark Air Base, Baguio, and La Union. She is fascinated by the turn of history and the creation of  new cultures, particularly, and the Katipunan years , the American Era in the Philippines.  She has roots in Marinduque, Pampanga, and the Deep South.  She blogs at http://kathleenburkhalter.com

eileen tabiosContributing Editor
for the Arts
Eileen R. Tabios

Eileen has released 18 print, four electronic and 1 CD poetry collections, an art essay collection, a poetry essay/interview anthology, a short story book and two novels.  Recipient of the Philippines’ National Book Award for Poetry for her first poetry book Beyond Life Sentences, she has exhibited visual poetry and visual art throughout the United States and Asia.  She’s also edited or co-edited six books of poetry, fiction and essays. Honors for her authored and edited works include the PEN/Oakland-Josephine Miles National Literary Award, The Potrero Nuevo Fund Prize, the Gustavus Meyers Outstanding Book Award in the Advancement of Human Rights, Foreword Magazine Anthology of the Year Award, Poet Magazine's Iva Mary Williams Poetry Award, Judds Hill's Annual Poetry Prize and the Philippine American Writers & Artists' Catalagan Award; recognition from the Academy of American Poets, the Asian Pacific Association of Librarians and the PEN-Open Book Committee; as well as grants from the Witter Bynner Foundation, National Endowment of the Arts, the New York State Council on the Humanities, the California Council for the Humanities, and the New York City Downtown Cultural Council. In poetry, Ms. Tabios has crafted a body of work that is unique for melding ekphrasis with transcolonialism. Inventor of the poetic form “hay(na)ku“,her poems have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Tagalog, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Paintings, Video, Drawings, Visual Poetry, Mixed Media Collages, Kali Martial Arts, Music, Modern Dance and Sculpture. As part of her poetry-as-performance approach, she blogs as the “Chatelaine” at http://angelicpoker.blogspot.com and edits GALATEA RESURRECTS, a popular poetry review journal at http://galatearesurrects.blogspot.com. Her book, THE THORN ROSARY: Selected Prose Poems & New (1998-2010), was released in 2010 by Marsh Hawk Press, New York.

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