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Calls for submissions are proliferating. This bodes well for the future of Filipino Literature.

There is a call for essays on poetics, aptly entitled PINOY POETICS, that promises to be an informative and enigmatic collection of revelations from writers/poets who will attempt to explain the whys and the wherefores of their craft. The call comes from Eileen Tabios, editor, who anticipates the compilation will be "the first U.S.-released anthology of Filipino poetics. This book will feature poetics essays written by Filipino poets discussing how they create their 'poems' and perhaps including why they feel they are 'poets' and illustrated by one or more sample poems related to their poetics." Deadline for submissions has been extended to August 31st. Check our LINKS for the submission requirements in Meritage Press.

Anvil Publishing is planning an anthology of essays on diaspora writing. Editor Luisa Igloria says "Rather than adhere to a single perspective celebrating an idea of Filipinos/as at global ease anywhere in the world, I would like to invite essays that explore a diversity of perspectives on voyage and finding (physical, emotional, psychical, intellectual and artistic) habitation."

We look forward to the arrival of these two anthologies.

The most interesting call for selective submissions comes from the newly formed Sorsogon Heritage Society. As part of the centennial celebration of the founding of the Bicol province, a journal, aptly titled SARABIHON (loosely translated as "Sayings") will be launched. Award winning novelist, Asucena Grajo Uranza is calling the many Sorsoganons out there to pass the word around that articles are being sought.

In this third issue of OUR OWN VOICE, we reach out to Filipino writers beyond the borders of the USA. We feature Filipino expatriates living in France, Austria, Germany, Canada, Singapore, and a writer formerly based in South Korea. In keeping with a focus beyond American borders, we feature two anthologies that have been released recently (Click on the Books icon). FROM AMERICA TO AFRICA (edited by Lorna Kalaw-Tirol) highlights the accomplishments of 19 Filipino women overseas, and is reviewed by staff member Seb Koh. FIREFLY, edited and translated by Riitta Vartti of the Finnish-Philippine Society, is published in Finland. The anthology features the works of some of the best Filipino short story writers in English but translated into Finnish. Check the excerpts provided by a few of the writers in the news review of FIREFLY as this may be the only place we will be able to read pieces of the stories that people in Helsinki are privy to!

Meanwhile here in the United States, there is a one-woman crusade advocating that Filipino-Americans make the necessary "noise" so that Philippine Literature and books authored by Filipinos and Filipino Americans are made available to readers in all public libraries. It goes without saying that taxpayers' money support public institutions. What say we bang the drums and insist that literary works reflecting our history and our culture are made available for generations to come-not only in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles but in every state of the union from Alaska to Maine? Bravo, Linda Maria Nietes, thank you for leading the parade!

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
21 June 2001

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