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We had to do this issue by "caesarian section." That's how difficult it was to usher in The Ninth. Who do you "voice" out to when servers don't serve and worms wiggle their way "down" your system? No matter how much energy we put in our squalling, our voices seemed only to echo back to us in cyberspace.

Your voice though, dear reader—when you make your views known in our Readers Page—is exactly what we need to hear to keep us humming. It is a comment or suggestion from you that pushes us to wheedle a story, poetry or an essay from reticent authors. Because of your avid interest in the growth of Filipino contemporary literature, we in the editorial staff, would like to honor all Filipino authors around the world who staked their name and goodwill towards that initial and scary first step—the preparation of their manuscript for publishing. For some intrepid souls, it was their first book. For others, their second or third. And for some of us, the only book we've put out.

Authors and publishers, take heed. If your book tumbled off the presses in the Year 2002, we have our eyes on you.

OUR OWN VOICE announces a call for nominees for the 2003 Global Filipino Literary Award in fiction, nonfiction and poetry published in 2002. Nominations may be submitted by authors, publishers and booksellers. The deadline is on February 20, 2003 and these are nominations only for books by Filipino authors published in 2002.

In a wonderful coincidence, The Manining Miclat Art Foundation Inc. has launched a poetry contest for poets age 28 and below, in three languages: Chinese, Pilipino and English. Maningning Miclat was a multiawarded artist, trilingual poet and creative writer, translator and teacher. Her trilingual book of poetry, "Voice from the Underworld" earned raves not only from English and Filipino readers but also from Chinese readers. Miclat has been anthologized in Beijing in a book featuring the World's 39 top-rated women poets writing in Chinese.

Poetry reigns in this Ninth issue and Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier enjoys the distinction of seeing her work excerpted for the second time as a frontispiece. We also introduce "poems-in-tandem" where two poets are involved in the evolution of a poem or poems. And because this issue is devoted to works for and by children, we invited children's story writers, Lisa Suhay and Almira Gilles to share with readers their latest works.

In this issue, Filipino contribution to hiphop culture is documented in an essay by Victor Hugo Viesca. This issue also features, for the first time, poems in Iloko. These are works in Tagalog by Abigail Cruz Oliva, with an Ilokano translation by Cristino L. Inay, Sr. Several poets have more than just one contribution in this our second year of Poetry Implosion. So make sure you click at the end of a poem for additional titles. We also feature stories written by and for children. We are particularly delighted by two stories from Rexi Francia Cruz who has a knack for recreating a lively dialogue among kids. Another is "Dandelion," written by author Amihan Florentino-Kernan when she was only nine—today, she is a ripe old teenager. Amihan offers a poignant story of how one child handles her process of grieving.

We are witnessing the exuberant growth of Filipino Literature in the homeland and abroad. OUR OWN VOICE is right here in the diaspora collecting and archiving poetry, essays, short stories and plays for you and your children's children—not just works from established writers but even from those who are emerging from their literary cocoon.

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
January, 2003


is pleased to announce a call for

nominees for the

The Editorial Board wishes to honor authors, agents and publishers of books by Filipino authors from around the world, published in 2002.

1. CATEGORIES: Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction.

2. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: February 20, 2003. Awardees will be announced in the June 2003 issue of OUR OWN VOICE.

3. AWARDEES will receive:

—A Plaque Citation


—Awardees will also receive a copy of Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole by Eileen Tabios, OOV's Contributing Editor; in addition, Marsh Hawk Press (New York) will send a copy to a library of the Awardee's choice.

4. QUALIFICATIONS: Books published in 2002 by a Filipino Author may be nominated by authors, agents, publishers and booksellers. Members of OOV editorial staff and names appearing in the OOV masthead are barred from entering their works for nomination.

5. Send TWO COPIES of the nominated book to:

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
2001 North Adams Street
Suite 320
Arlington, VA 22201

6. A cover letter must accompany each nominated book with the following information:

—author's name
—book title
—copyright date
—publication date
—email address (for us to acknowledge receipt of materials sent)

7. Nominations are valid only if accompanied by a cover letter and two (2) copies of the nominated book.

8. Material sent to OOV will not be returned.

9. Nominated Books if sent by postal service must be postmarked no later than February 20, 2003. FEDEX, DHL and other express service will be accepted if delivered to meet the deadline.

Please send inquiries to our_own_voice@yahoo.com with the subject line: GLOBAL BOOK AWARD. We would appreciate dissemination of this Call for Nominations for The 2003 Global Filipino Literary Awards to different listserves.

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Nadine Sarreal

Eileen Tabios

Geejay Arriola
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