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Life begins at 40, so they say. And this is OOV's 40th issue. So it is but timely to metamorphose into hopefully a more beautiful and productive phase.

We need to keep up with technology—-particularly the technology of social interaction (proper name: social media)—and we need to get the energies moving around so our resources don't get depleted. Through OOV, we have enjoyed, and continue to swim in the wealth of literary treasures from kind members of our literary communities in the diaspora, who have generously shared their works for free. We thought it was time to pay back, and pay forward.

So the next issue will prepare us for this metamorphosis. We will continue to provide free reads, but alongside it will be articles, papers, stories, poems that are downloadable for a fee. We will be inviting both readers and authors to subscribe to OOV as OOV members with varying degrees of access to the OOV library. There will be options to access the entire library or options to download materials "to go" for a fee. We will be inviting ads from book companies, particularly ones who sell Filipino literature. This way we are all helping each other—authors, Filipino publishers, booksellers, and OOV—fund each other's love for literature.

Authors can get instant feedback about their work through the comments section below their write-ups. Authors will be encouraged to type in their works (as they would in their emails or word processors such as Microsoft Word). Photographers will be encouraged to upload their own awesome pictures for the gallery section, which, of course, the editors will still approve (or disapprove) for publishing.

OOV archives will continue to be available online for free.

BUT, if you think this is a horrible idea, let us know. You might just convince us to keep OOV in its current shape, which is still a wonderful thing.

Geejay Langlois
Jacksonville, Florida, June 2013

Remé-Antonia Grefalda
Arlington, Virginia, June 2013

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