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Kundiman Ending On a Theme
from T La Rock

By Patrick Rosal

2007 Global Filipino Literary Award for Poetry
My American Kundiman (Persea 2006) by Patrick Rosal
Selections reprinted with permission from Persea Books.

Your morning's
everyday stained
caul of exhaust Your
plum bludgeoned
dusk Your fine
stench and luck—
less French kiss
Your can-I-get-
down bliss Your god-
gone blesséd
Jones for loam
Your Jersey baroque
Your Mercy
9's sirens prying
every sky Your
name Your flow
Your funk Your every-
day nasty Your very
revelry Your break-
neck scat the loot
you boost Your
rags Your seven-
slang Your hype
Your hips Your spit
Your sickest wit
and snip Your every
severed syl-
lable Your blunt-
toke fables Your
smoke's reprieve
Your lever's
torque bearing your
body every
day Every lovely
mucking hum
Your mic sound
nice Every Check
One Your
fade Your cut
Your knife your
jazz on-two Your bass
Your every clef Your
left breast Your
folly Your lung
Your modest rot
Your alibata
tongue Do you want it
(Hell yeah!) Baby—
'cause it's yours

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2007 Global Filipino Literary Award for Poetry
Patrick Rosal

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