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Dear Readers,

Summer time is traveling time. For our associate editor, the past and coming months have spelled periods of travel and flux. So here we are trying our best to fill in. We anticipate with impatience Nadine's return to the page in the coming issues.

Has it occurred to you, dear readers, that we have the essentials today to gather the building blocks of Filipino literature for tomorrow as at no other time in our history? With internet technology we stand poised to share our literary works more quickly and to a wider readership than ever before. What a fantastic chance to make up for lost time and lost opportunities!

Lost time—gained for those of us who only recently are gravitating to reading our own literature. Lost opportunities--revisited for those who balked at putting out their literary attempts for lack of venue, or because of a lack of faith in our own ability in some small way to influence tomorrow's thinking.

Here at OUR OWN VOICE, we are privileged to see so many different kinds of writings. So we cull from the many to select the few, trying to increase synergy among the pieces we put in each issue. Hopefully, our efforts will resonate throughout the future in diaspora literature. By virtue of LINKS we share sites of a similar bent that feature literary output from new artists and writers that some of our readers otherwise may never have known.

In our BOOK SECTION and SIGHTED (See ), we bring you recent and past publications you may have missed.

We experiment in this issue with the poetry of the visual. It has been said that great poetry, or any great work for that matter, elicits different meanings and touch people in different ways. In Paul Tañedo's poetic images we hope that each of you will take a different inroad to arrive at memories of summers left behind.

We would like to announce that for the next issue, we are compiling a retrospective featuring the works of writers who have passed away. It is our gesture of faith in the immortality of the written word. It will be a paean to those who may or may not have earned recognition for their literary efforts but who, while they lived, created gifts that will enrich the body of literature for tomorrow's Filipinos.

The final issue for 2001 will be a poetry implosion issue—so bring on the verses and beat the deadline! Please refer to the submission guidelines in this issue.

The Staff
June 21, 2001

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